Nigerian Summit Aims to Improve Education in Delta State

Chiedu Ebie pic

Chiedu Ebie

Chiedu Ebie of Nigeria serves as Delta State commissioner in charge of basic and secondary education. A former managing director of Millennium Oil & Gas Company Limited, he has also served as a practicing attorney. Chiedu Ebie’s focus on education led him to support a two-day summit on the topic toward the end of January 2016. The goals of the summit included addressing perceptions of widespread inadequacy in the educational system of the region.

Entitled “Leapfrogging Education in Delta State” and held in the capital city of Asaba, the summit featured prominent speakers such as Pai Obanya, emeritus professor of Ibadan University. The event took place under the chairmanship of Chief Afe Babalola.

The state is home to a three-campus university, a number of polytechnic, 440 public post primary institutions, 6 operational technical colleges and over 1,000 public primary schools. Significant constituencies in Delta State have expressed their desire for an increased build-out of the region’s institutions of higher education. Other participants at the summit said that their focus was more on achieving a higher quality of education than on creating additional infrastructure.


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