Nigerian Minister of Education Praises Polytechnic Institutions

Mallam Adamu Adamu

Mallam Adamu Adamu

After being called to the bar in 1992, Nigerian lawyer Chiedu Ebie amassed nearly 20 years of experience in the practice of corporate and commercial law, later serving as managing director of a prominent oil and gas company. In 2015, Chiedu Ebie accepted a role within the Delta State Government as commissioner of basic and secondary education and has since worked to improve the state’s education system through measures such as improving technical and vocational colleges.

Recently, Nigeria’s national Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, assured the public that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to improving technical and vocational education throughout the country. The government plans to accomplish this by increasing investment and research, specifically in polytechnic schools. Speaking at the 14th-annual Federal Polytechnic convocation, Minister Adamu also praised the potential of polytechnic institutions to provide solutions to significant global challenges, such as hunger. He encouraged youth to consider pursuing a vocational skill or trade, noting both the prevalence of jobs in sectors such as construction and the crucial role they play in national development. At the same time, Minister Adamu also called on corporations and citizens alike to assist in the funding of educational institutions in order to better prepare this upcoming generation of workers.

It is interesting to note that the call by the Federal Minister on improving technical and vocational education is coming almost six months after the administration of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa commenced the revamping of technical and vocational education in Delta State.


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